Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the Makeup Artist Training Program?

We provide students with a Certificate of Attendance which states the classes/program completed and the date.  Most states and employers do not require makeup artists to have a cosmetology license. Find out what regulations apply to you by checking with your local government authority.


How does your program differ from those at a cosmetology or esthetic school?

Cosmetology and esthetic programs are primarily designed for students who seek a license; these programs often focus on hygiene regulations and the state board exam. Courses at these types of schools may not even be taught by instructors who have working experience and specialized skills in the entertainment industry.


If I already have makeup training from another makeup artist, esthetic, or cosmetology school, is it necessary that I attend the Basic Beauty Class?

We highly recommend that students who want to take additional classes in our program participate in our Basic Beauty Makeup class, as all other classes build upon mastery of the techniques taught in this introductory class.


Do any of your classes include business training and marketing?

In-depth discussion of marketing, business plans, and portfolio building is included on day 5 of our week-long Artist Training Program. General marketing, rate-setting, and professional contracts are also included in the Bridal Makeup class.


Do you offer intern programs?

Our intern program offers students who would like to gain work experience and build their resume and portfolios an opportunity to work on-location with our senior makeup artists at photo shoots, commercials, and weddings.


What do I need to bring to the class?

We recommend that students bring their makeup products and brushes and a model, who can be a friend or family member of any age. (Your model will only need to be there part of the day.) For students who do not own makeup products and brushes, practice kits will be available for use during the class and can be purchased at a 10% discount. Please inform us in advance if you cannot find a model, and we will provide you with a person to act as your practice model. 


Will I be able to receive a discount on Anemone skin care, makeup products, and brushes for participating in the training program?

We offer students who have completed the Makeup Artist Training Program a 10% discount on start-up kits, skin care packages, and professional brushes.


I do not have a credit card. Do you accept personal checks?

Students who prefer to pay by check must send payment 14 days in advance of the class. Upon payment, students will receive an e-mail receipt confirming their payment and registration.