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Applying camera-ready makeup for high-definition photo shoots, television, and video is a must for makeup artists seeking to advance their career and increase their earning potential.  There is a high demand for skilled makeup artists in this field. In this class Ann Marie Laurendeau educates students on the the makeup products, tools, and application techniques that make men and women of all ages look great on camera for print editorial, advertisements, television commercials, and corporate videos. This class is designed for experienced makeup artists and students who have participated in our Basic Beauty Makeup class.  We recommend that students bring a camera to take photos of their work.


Class Schedule

9am – 9:45am Media Makeup as a Career Lecture
• Freelance work opportunities and responsibilities
• Makeup products that produce the best results for high-definition television and photographs
• Applying makeup for various photographic lighting and green screen

9:45am – 10:15am Photo Shoot Makeup Demonstration (Color Photography/Female)
• Makeup demonstration for color photography using products with matte textures to eliminate shine
• Choosing the right color of foundation for female clients

10:15am-10:45am Hands-On Practice
• Students apply makeup onto their models, enhancing their best features in preparation for photographs.

10:45am-11:15am Photo Shoot Makeup Demonstration (Black & White Photography/Female)
• Makeup demonstration for black & white photography emphasizing proper shading, highlighting, and contouring

11:15am – 11:45am Hands-On Practice
• Students apply makeup to their models, using highlighting and contouring techniques to enhance their features in black and white photographs

11:45am – 12:30pm LUNCH BREAK

12:30pm – 1pm Makeup for Men Demonstration (Television & Photo Shoots/Color & Black & White)
• Applying makeup to male clients for television, video, and photo shoots that is natural-looking, yet corrective and flattering
• Best foundations & concealers to hide imperfections and conceal a beard line or five o’clock shadow.

1pm – 1:30pm Hands-on Practice
• Students apply makeup on-to their male models to conceal flaws and produce a natural appearance

1:30pm – 2pm High-Definition Television/Video Makeup Demonstration (Female)
• How to successfully apply makeup to women for high-definition television and video broadcast that is flattering, stylish, and youthful
• Improving your client’s appearance for camera lighting
• Basic grooming and hairstyling techniques

2pm – 2:45pm Hands-on Practice
• Students utilize best makeup, hair, and grooming techniques on their models in preparation for a televised appearance
• Instructor guidance and tips

2:45pm – 3pm Student Questions

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