Stage and Theatre

Makeup for the stage and theatre is interesting, fun, inspiring and on opening night, very exciting! I love working with so many different types of makeup, and collaborating with costume designers, actors and directors to develop the final makeup designs that appear on stage.

I can transform a person into a variety of different identities. I have done everything from basic beauty makeup for men and women - to stage characters - to colorful stylized fantasy makeup designs and body painting and tattoos. I have always been fascinated with special effects, and completely enjoy working on a show that requires skills such as aging a character or, adding scars, cuts, bruises and wounds. Some of my favorite classic stage characters to apply makeup for are: Dracula, Geisha, Bride or Frankenstein, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Blue Man Group.

Since many equity stage actors and actresses are responsible for applying their own makeup, I often am required to instruct them how to apply their own makeup to portray their specific character for the show run.

Over the years, I have been pleased to work with all types of stage and theatre hairstyling applications, including, inexpensive costume wigs, natural hair pieces, and even expensive, custom, handmade human hair lace wigs. My experience hairstyling for the theatre and stage has also proven useful for corporate and fashion photo shoots that required re-creating classic stage characters.

- Ann Marie Laurendeau, Anemone Founder, Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

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